Monday, September 9, 2013

Low Volume Nested Baskets

I am really trying to gear up to the school fete- which is in 8 weeks. I have spent the last few days cutting out lots of projects (library bags etc) for a busy bee I am holding this week.
After doing all that I decided to try something fiddly and fun- but still with the fete in mind. So I made up this cute little scrappy, quilted fabric basket. It's an itty bitty 4" cube that I call a low volume scrap basket, and just dug around in my 'neutrals' scrap bin for the fabric.
I didn't use any particular tutorial but this one shows how to make a fabric basket (I omitted the handles) and this one or this one shows the scrappy quilt as you go method of scrappy piecing.
I had such fun making the itty bitty one that I decided to make two more.
They all nest in one another, but I seem to have lost the picture I took of them resting inside each other.
The littlest basket is roughly 4" cube, the medium size one is 5" cubed and the biggest is 6" cubed.
I used about 2 yards of fabric on this project.
This week I think I will work on another weekender bag! I am going to donate it too the Fete craft stall. Hopefully some WIP pics soon.

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AJ said...

I hope you put big bucks on the weekend! Too good for a craft stall should be in a shop!
The little baskets are cute!