Thursday, July 18, 2013

*TUTORIAL* FQ star block

I am currently in the middle of making a patriotic star quilt and I thought I would share the cutting and piecing guide for making my FQ star block.

I am making my quilt in patriotic colours but it easily lends it self to any combination of fabrics, especially fat quarter bundles.

The beauty of this block is that all the pieces are cut from 1 fat quarter (or a 1/4 yard of fabric cut off the bolt). The number of fat quarters you use in the project equals the number of 14.5" star blocks you will end up with, so it's very simple maths to work out how many fat quarters to buy and how big the finished quilt will be.

The elements of the block are the star, background, border-1 and border-2 and these elements can cut from 1 fat quarter of fabric.
The cutting guide is as follows:
From 1 fat quarter cut 6 x 2.5" strips (22" long).
If using 1/4 yard of fabric cut 3 x 2.5" WOF strips.

From 2 of the strips (or 1 WOF strip) cut 13 x 2.5" squares and separate into 2 piles; one pile consisting of 5 squares (the star) and the other of 8 squares (the background).

From 2 strips (or 1 WOF strip) cut 4 x 10.5" pieces. 
Separate into 2 piles of 2 strips (border-1 and border-2).

From the remaining 2 strips (or 1 WOF strip) cut 2 x 14.5" pieces and 2 x 6.5" pieces. Place the 2 x 6.5" pieces with 2 of the 10.5" pieces (border-1) and the 2 x 14.5" pieces with the other two 10.5" pieced (border-2). 
There will be a left over strip of fabric from your FQ, which would be perfect for a scrappy binding.
Cut all your other fat quarters in the same manner and separate the cut pieces into star, background, border-1 and border-2 piles.

Rearrange the piles of fabrics in a pleasing combinations, grouping them so you have a 'star' pile, a 'background' pile and 'border 1' and 'border 2' piles bundled together. Each block bundle should have 5 squares for the star, 8 squares for the background, 4 border-1 strips and 4 border-2 strips.

To piece the block take the 2.5" squares and layout a nine-patch from the 8 background squares and 1 star square. Cut the remaining 4 star squares in half through the diagonal to make 8 right angle triangles.

Use the triangle pieces to create the points for the star.
DOH!! I messed up the stripe orientation on one of the stay points.
Then sew the 9 squares into a 6.5" nine-patch block. 
This is a wonky, liberated or maverick star. There are tutorials all over the Internet for it so please check those out if your aren't familiar with the methodology for making a star like this. Here is a good tutorial.

Add the first border. Short pieces first, press seams and then add the longer pieces.

Then add the second border, the same way as the first.

Finished block should be 14.4" square.
I just cant stand that pesky stripe going the wring way...

 So I unpicked and replaced block with the misplaced stripe. Much better :)

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Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto you blog today. Thank you for the tutorial. I appreciate the fact that all the fabric in the fat quarter is usable. Now for some time to play with the pattern.
Cathy in Kansas - USA