Monday, March 4, 2013

Trip around the world

If I count back right, this is my third quilt finish for the year. It started out as a little side project using the scraps from another quilt (currently languishing as a flimsy...).

I joined the bandwagon and decided to have a play with Trip around the world blocks, but I knew I didn't really have it in me to make a whole quilt. Besides... I have a Scrap vomit quilt on the go, which is really a very similar style.

So I built the centre part of the quilt using left over strips of some gorgeous rainbow batiks. I tossed around just quilting it up as a little mini, but decided to head for small baby-sized quilt instead.

I had to go shopping for the border fabric, because I really didn't have anything plain enough to let the 'trip' blocks shine.

I went to the Textile Traders and picked out a turquoise blue batik and used it to add one really wide border. The central panel is about 25" square and the border is 12.5" wide... so the 'trip' blocks are really sitting in a very large puddle of blue.
I think it works?

I was pretty disappointed with my piecing when putting together this quilt. I ended up with lots of errors in the trip blocks (tiny errors in 1/4" seams quickly add up when you are playing with 1.5" strips). I had to fudge it a bit to get the central trip blocks joined, and then for some reason cut my border fabric too long for and ended up with a 'fluted' thing happening at the edges. I knew it was happening... and that I should take the borders off, trim and reattach, but I was just a bit over it all by then and conscious that this was a side project using the left overs of another project.

The back was various bits and bobs fom my stash joined together. I kept with a blue/purple theme as I was  trying to head towards a unisex quilt, but I think I ended up with more of a funky girls quilt.

I quilted with an all over loose stipple in turquoise thread (again with the wanting to get it over and done with) and bound with a novelty rainbow fabric featuring 'hello' in all sorts of languages. It seemed appropriate for such a happy and bright quilt.
My post about this quilt seems like I am a bit down on it but that's not the case. I love the overall look of this quilt and had fun playing with the 'trip around the world' bocks. I think I am just a bit time poor at the moment and hurried it (whilst at the same time feeling guilty about other quilts I should have been working on!). I am just disappointed in myself, because I know I should have sewed this up with less mistakes.
This will make a great gift for the next little girl baby that comes along, or the next time I feel the need to donate a quilt to a charitable cause :)
Incoming fabric for this project: 1.5 yards of turquoise Batik
Outgoing fabric: 4 yards of fabric for borders, backing and binding.


Tina ~ Seaside Stitches said...

Cute! I was gifted a couple of batik strip packs. Great idea to use them for this pattern.

Kelly Biscopink said...

This is really pretty! I love the large aqua framing - really brings out the bright colors in the blocks. Lovely!

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