Monday, March 25, 2013

Skirts and other stuff

So much for finishing off my table runner during the week...

I have other sewing to report though! Quite a few weeks ago I decided I needed to add some skirts to my wardrobe. I am trying to wear more skirts and dresses in general. My problem was that I didn't have anything plain enough to wear with my multitude of colourful and printed tops. I dug out Simplicity 5351 and decided to give it a try. Turns out its pretty much a perfect skirt for me. Not only is it really quick and simple to sew, but the wide waistband is just really flattering for me.

I've tried out two lengths, a mid-calf version in a vintage/distressed denim. The length is a bit daggy, but I think the frayed-treatment of the denim saves it.

Side profile.
I bought 2.5 yards of denim for this project, but its all be used up so no extra stashing going on!

The second version of the skirt is the shorter length, but otherwise exactly the same. This time I used a 1 yard of grey suiting fabric from my stash. The drape isn't quite so nice (it could also do with an iron)  but I do think this will be quite versatile because its such a plain boring grey.
Side profile.

I had a bit of fun with the waistband facings :)
I discovered another way to make your fabric stash thinner.... Let your friends come over and go 'shopping'. A friends daughter is a budding seamstress and they popped over and helped themselves to 4.5 yards of fabric. That sounds like a lot, but really it was just a bunch of half FQ's that I don't like/will never use/ wont miss. It feels great to gift it to a new home, plus its GONE from my stash.

My fabric diet is leading to the purchase of handy, but probably unnecessary, GADGETS. Today at Spotlight I spotted a cute little mini-iron and decided to treat myself. It was $29.95.
I let myself have a 30 minute break from accounting homework and I set it up and then stitched up a scrap vomit block.
This little iron has the power cable plug on the side, which means it stands up easily. Also means I can quickly unplug if I want to turn it off, rather than having to crawl around under the desk looking for the PowerPoint.

Here is the the little scrap vomit block I made, because who doesn't like to see some quilty pictures!

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