Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rainbow Batiks

I've been plugging away at my Rainbow Batik quilt and finished the quilt top today. I started out with a stack of 20 batiks in a gorgeous rainbow colour wash. I WAS intending to do a pinwheel design but on impulse I went with a nine patch and rail design after seeing this quilt on pinterest.

Its a nice size lap quilt, 56" x 72", which Miss almost-ten is holding up for me.

The blocks consist of nine-patches, rails (or half nine patches as I came to call them) and plain squares. My finished squares are 8". I used this tutorial to make the nine-patches. The tute didn't really save any time or use less seams than normal, but it did help to keep all the little squares for each nine-patch together until the block was finished. You also generate two contrast nine-patches at the same time, which was handy for a scrappy style quilt. I used the tutorial to also make the rail blocks- stopping half way through the tutorial and then trimming the blocks to 8.5".
I had lots of little scraps and strips left over so I decided to follow the craze of the moment and make some trip around the world blocks. This is the reference tutorial everyone in bloggy world is linking to. I love that it was first posted to the Internet in 1999!- just goes to show old idea's become new again :) I made my blocks in miniature- just for fum and because I didn't have many scraps. I cut my strips 1.5" wide and at a minimum of 9" long. I pieced 6 strips. The finished blocks are 6.5" square. I made 16 blocks to give me a little quilt to that is 24.5" square.  Each little tiny square is 1" finished :)
These two little projects used up all of the 20 fat quarter stack of batiks, so that is 5 yards of outgoing fabric.

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