Thursday, February 14, 2013

A graveyard of zombies

Pictured is a recent impulse project from Spoonflower in the form of these kooky, but hilarious, Zombie dolls. I saw them on someone elses blog and immediately popped over to Spoonflower to the fabric to make some. The fabric for one doll is printed on to one fat quarter of fabric, but I decided to buy a full yard and get enough pieces for four dolls.
Each doll has a zipper inserted into the front piece...
Which you unzip to reveal the Zombie's innards. Hilarious!
His arms also fall off :P
My original intention was to make one for George and keep the remaining for the 'present cupboard'... but turns out it is Matilda who shares my kooky sense of humour. George was a little bit freaked out by them.
I think these could be easily reworked as a totally cool boys pencil case! (ie leave out the stuffing).

This yard had already been including in my 'incoming' tally back when I bought it. Now it can head on out again.

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Kate said...

Thanks for introducing me to Spoonflower! I love the zombie so have ordered one to make for my 9 year old and then had to order some periodic table and science equipment for my science mad 11 year old - thinking a cushion or bag with these.