Thursday, January 31, 2013


I have made a few fabric purchases over the last couple of weeks and I thought I should blog about them before I forget. If they are blogged, then they will get added to my stash list :)
I bought a yard of doll fabric from Spoonflower and popped into spotlight to get some matching buttons for the arms, while there I succumbed to 3 1/4 yards of gorgeous red oriental knit and a yard of printed denim. The knit is for another Tiramisu dress and Elizabeth spotted the denim and asked for some shorts. I hope to get the dress done over the weekend and I have ordered a pattern for the denim shorts.
Back to the Spoonflower doll fabric... I am hoping to have one (of four) dolls completed today.
I have also hunted out and purchased 5.5 yards of backing fabric for the lightening bolt quilt. I am procrastinating about piecing the back and sandwiching this quilt... woops.
I haven't been idle this last week though. I finally decided to just get stuck into my rainbow batiks. I completely abandoned my pinwheel idea and went with a  nine patch a rails design. I used this picture for inspiration. I have eight more nine-patches to make and then I can start piecing the top together.
I also decided to have a play with the half a jelly roll of fabric I mentioned in this post. It was left over from this queen size quilt I made 2.5 years ago. I decided to try out a jelly roll 1600 quilt, but using only half a jelly roll and adding in some'full stops' between each strip of fabric. Because there was only 20 strips instead of the usual 40, the quilt ended up an odd shape: 30" x 60". I am tossing up between quilting it as is and using it as a wall hanging, turning it into a bolster for the bed or cutting it in half and making 2 European pillows.
I am going to count the jelly roll quilt top as an 'outgoing' fabric (1.5 yards) and all the incoming fabric totals 10.75 yards.

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