Friday, January 11, 2013

10 yards of fabric

I am still on my sewing bender with my sister. We've had a great time. One of the projects I bought with me was my nephews lightening bolt quilt. I finished the quilt top yesterday.

That used up about 75% of the 10 yards of fabric I bought for the project (1 yard of each of the 10 shades of Kona solid).

I then pieced the binding from the left overs.

And made a matching striped pillowslip.

The back of the quilt will be a Kona ash. So I decided to use the remaining scraps of the Kona greens and blues for some other projects.


And then I started on a table runner. I pieced the last of the leftover hexagons for the top of the runner. The runner back was pieced from all the very last scraps of fabric (picture me crawling around under the table looking for tiny triangle pieces trimmed off the edge off the lightening bolt quilt top).

I decided to keep the hexagon zig-zag edge in the finished runner and I did not bind the edge. Instead I sewed the quilt inside out and then turned and top stitched around the edge.

I like the back for a really modern abstract decoration.

It's a fabulous feeling to have stash busted 10 yards of fabric!


Anna said...

Wow, great job using up every last scrap! I love the way the quilt turned out. And that table runner is fabulous!

ultraorganized said...

I am impressed with all that you made out of the 10 yards of fabric and the quilt is just beautiful -- any hints on how to make it? Thank you - !}