Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Multiplication of the quilt

This month is the final in a year long challenge i have been participating in, called 12 WIPs in 2012. I began the year with 14 WIPs and this houndstooth quilt is the final quilt on my list to complete (all the quilts are listed in the sidebar to the right with hyper links to individual blog posts).

I started working on the quilt back in October. I got as far as cutting and piecing all the blocks. Now that I am piecing them together into a quilt top I have changed my mind about making it a single bed sized quilt and instead am going to make it a lap-sized quilt.

This leaves me with lots of extra blocks. There are about 80 striped blocks and 40 each of the solids (black or white).

I think I might use the striped squares to make this bold diamond quilt (cot size).

And with the addition of some grey I can make a cute gingham quilt too.

It's looking a bit monochrome around here!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Great ideas for.using up those extra blocks! I especially like the little gingham quilt :)