Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jelly roll 1600 quilt

I came across a youtube clip called the Jelly Roll 1600 quilt race via pinterest and thought it looked really fun. I announced a challenge on my online quilting group and a few girls were up for a virtual race.
The video is a little deceptive, because the jelly roll is prepared before the race by joining all the strips into one mega-long strsip (1600") prior to the starting gun. Obviously, after finishing the race you still have to baste. quilt and bind before you have a finished quilt. Written instructions for the quilt can be found here.
We had a two part challenge. The first was to set aside a 24 hour window (17-18th December) to try and complete the whole quilt (and time ourselves to see how long it took) and the second part was a 'race' to make the top, just like in the video.
I started with a Jelly roll from Moda- School days by American Jane. I also bought from the same range 2 co-ordinating fabrics for the back (2.0 yards of one and 0.5 of the other). The binding takes 0.5 yards of fabric- I nabbed mine from the stash.
It took me 20 minutes to join the strips (a mitred join like you use for making a quilt binding).
And a further 20 minutes to trim the seams and fold the 1600" of jelly roll ready for the 'race'. Here I am with a timer about to start.
55 min and 30 seconds later I had my completed quilt top.
I spent a further 25 minutes quickly piecing the backing fabric and pressing both it, and the quilt top.
Just as an aside- the finished top is approx 48" x 64".  It is slightly too wide for one WOF piece to be used on the back. You could cut the quilt down to under 44" or do what I did: Take an extra 0.5 yard (18")  of co-ordinating fabric and cut it into two 9" strips, join them into one long thin strip. Attach this to the long side of the larger 2 yard backing piece. This will give you a backing fabric that is 52" x 72"
I spent 45 minutes basting the quilt. Then I called it quits for the day.
The next afternoon I spent 60 minutes doing a big looping meander all over the quilt.
It took 45 minutes to make the binding and attach it by machine.
The entire quilt took 4.5 hours of sewing over a 2 day period.

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