Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 WIP list.

Craft wise 2013 will be all about reducing my stash. I feel like I have way too much fabric hanging around, and a lot of it has been here for quite a few years. Frankly I am getting sick of the sight of some of the yardage, and its hard to justify new fresh fabrics and projects when I have so much nice stuff here all ready.  
To that end I am declaring my WIPS for the year- in an effort to spure me on and make me accountable for them. These are quilts that I have started or patterns/fabric I have bought for specific projects. This year I am including garment sewing ... as I want to downsize some of my knits and dressmaking fabrics too.
I did one of these lists back in October but its time for an update! Unfortunately, the list has got longer not shorter since the October post!

1. Scrap Vomit quilt. I have 11 of 35 blocks complete. I work on this one here and there, completing a few blocks between other quilts. I've been working on it over the last few days, and I love how its starting to looks really fun and busy. The diamond shapes pop out from the background and add some order to the cacophony.
2. Nephew lightening bolt quilt. I'll be starting this one ASAP. I need to get it done by June, as that is when my nephew turns 11.
3. Mitred squares quilt. This quilt was part of a Bee I was in last year. Some blocks are still yet to return to me, but I have enough blocks for a lap sized quilt so I think I will just stitch it up and finish it off.
4. Batik pinwheel quilt I have the fabric (inc backing and binding). I haven't quite finalised the design but I think I would like pinwheels with rainbow colour wash happening as well. I need to do some serious maths to sort it out!
5. Batik Curlicue quilt I seriously don't know why I have put this quilt off for so long because I am just dying to make it. I've had the fabric for 7 months!
6. Rainbow Layer Cake quilt My sis and I are planning another sewing bender in a couple of weeks. We are both going to sew a quilt top made with a layer cake. Sis has bought hers, but I decided to raid my stash and cut my own rainbow scrappy  layer cake. I cut 4 x 10" squares from each ROYGBIV colour (except indigo and violet are purple and pink fabrics), plus 4 low volume 'layers' and 4 grey 'layers'.
7. Ispy fabrics I have a huge stack of I spy fabrics that I would love to move out of the sewing room.
Maybe a Polaroid quilt? Need to ponder this one a bit more.
8. Serendipity jelly roll. This is the fabric that is left over from my first queen size quilt. I always intended to make a matching cushion with it, but its been 3 years since I finished the quilt. I don't think it will ever happen, especially now that I have a newer queen size quilt that I use in preference to the other one. My pledge to you, dear blog reader, is that I need to sew this jellyroll by July or trash it!.
10. Butterick 5181 Sundress. I started on this in November (during my festival of me), but never got further than cutting out the muslin (purple ballet fabric). In Vietnam I had two summer dresses made really cheaply and so I don't really need this one anymore. I do really like the look of this one though, and would still like to try out the pattern.
11. Flamingo top I have a new pattern to try out after my big fail back in November. This one is a vintage Vogue pattern I bought from Etsy. If the muslin works out I will cut into my beloved flamingoes.
12. Kwik Sew 3467 Knit tunic top. I saw this made up and modelled on Thornberry blog recently. It looked good so I decided to buy the pattern for myself. I have to say that I never would have picked this pattern out based on the pictures on the front of the pattern envelope. It looks much nicer on the 'real woman' in the blog versus the stick thin model.
13. That Darn Kat Undies I have cut out 10 pairs of undies and need to get them sewn up for Matilda. She is one of those children who hates lacey elastic against her skin, and this rules out most store bought undies. I've got these down to 15 minutes a pair and they are all done on the overlocker, so I will be able to sew these up during those spare moments (like when you wait for water to boil, or washing machine to finish!) and I wont have to re thread the regular sewing machine.  

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Nell said...

Wow! You are way too organised to have posted a 2013 WIP list already! I need to re-evaluate which quilts didn't get finished from this year's list and why! Off to do some mad-dash quilting this morning in the hope of getting one more finished for 2012 LOL!