Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge- Camo pants

Elsie Marley is hosting a challenge this week- the aim of which is to spend at least one hour a day creating kids clothes. I wont be joining in for the entire week (too may quilty projects to work on!)  but thought it might be fun to get involved just for one day.

I already had these pants cut out for George, so it only took me about an hour to sew up. Easy peasy.

 Front view.
They are nice and easy to sew. I've done them a heap of times.

 Back View.
The fabric is from my stash- a grey cammo print that I would have got at either Spotlight or Textile Traders.

The pattern is Burda 9793. I like this pattern because the elastic waistband makes it straight forward to sew up.

 But they still look smart because of the inset front pockets and faux fly.

And a curved bum pocket on the back.

I am not really a big fan of Camo print, and I am not even really sure why I bought this fabric for my stash. George, however, loves his new 'soldier' pants.


Austy's Mum said...

They fit him nicely, and I am with you on camp but I have a similar spotlight print in my stash too, bought for shorts of a similar design that I never got around too. Only difference is my print has frogs on it, probably why I let the camp slip by. The do look great on him though and timed nicely with ANZAC day.

http://www.littlebooteek.com.au said...

Nice pants for kids.