Saturday, March 10, 2012

Stitching with denim

My 12WIPS project for March is a denim charm quilt.

This is a an extremely simple concept for a quilt... collect denim jeans, cut up the usable parts into 6.5" charms and then sew them up into a simple patchwork. Many of the jeans were ones that were outgrown or outworn by my own family. But in order to get a really nice variety of colour (acid-wash jeans not being in fashion for at least 15 years!) I've also casually collected jeans from op-shops, fetes and car park markets as well.  

After discovering a bargain bin of $1 jeans at my local discount store I purchased and sliced up 6 pairs and decided I had enough denim to build the quilt. I started by laying out the charms according to colour, and then I began chain piecing the charms together. I selected the fabric in mostly a random way (I only avoided putting two really light shades next to each other, or two really dark shades).

After chain piecing merrily for a little while I had a break at the ironing board.

Normally I am a press-seams-to-the-side kinda girl, but with denim I decided it would be necessary to press the seams open so they wouldn't be too bulky.

It didn't take long before I had done enough to start thinking about the layout. I arranged the pairs of charms in a random layout, but spacing the light and dark tones evenly throughout the quilt.


I think this denim quilt will make for a fabulous 'boy' quilt that will really grow with George into his teenage years. He really wants me to make him a pirate quilt (its in the works), but I reckon this denim one is the one that he will take with him when he leaves home.  

I've selected a Denise Schmidt print for the backing. This is from her latest range called Daisy Mae, which has just become available at spotlight. I really wanted something with orange or mustard yellow in it. But nothing too child-like or silly (which was hard as I have a tendency to pick out quirky, bright or novelty print)s. The Denise Schmidt has a bit of a vintage feel to it which I think is perfect against the denim. I am auditioning the stripe as the binding, but being a drill I don't think it will work out. I'll have to keep hunting.

I wanted to check that the points where all the charms meet weren't going to be too bulky to sew, so I stitched up two of the rows and then joined them.

Looks great doesn't it?


willow and moo said...

Milly, I totally agree with everything you've said. It's going to be used and loved for years. The backing fabric is just perfect too!

Carmel Morris said...

It looks great, Milly. Have you considered just a plain red binding? I think that would set it off nicely.