Saturday, January 28, 2012


So we are up to day 5 of a heatwave. The Bureau of Meteorology reports that a heatwave is declared if we have three consecutive days over 35C (95F), which honestly I think is a bit pathetic. Anyway, we are up to day 5 over 35C and the 3rd day over 40C (104F). The weather is forecast to be at least over 35C for another four days.

I've had our air conditioner running 24 hours a day since Monday, and this has managed to keep the inside temperature at a comfortable 24-28C (54-58F). But we haven't been venturing outside much, which is a bit disappointing for the week of school holidays.

Today, to stop the kids spending another day in front of the TV or other screen, we decided to make pencil cases.

We had a practice run with some Denise Schmidt fabric (its quilted so does it doing towards m7 12WIPS in 12 challenge??). I'm going to fill this one with lollies and use it as part of a birthday gift for Elizabeth's Class mate.

 The Elizabeth picked out some fabric and had a go. She did most of her own sewing (except for the zipper).

Matilda did a lot of her own quilting. I pieced together 2.5" squares of fabric left over from her aqua pop quilt and then put together the pencil case. She wanted hers long enough to fit a standard 30cm ruler.

 Ella was a last minute inclusion in the fun (she often gets invited over when we do kiddy sewing because she loves to craft). She picked some strawberry fabric with the same green spot as Elizabeths pencil case for the lining.

 We used bits and bobs for this project; salvaged zippers, scraps of fabric and left over bits of wadding.
 We used the same pattern for all the pencil cases, but they all turned out a little bit different- sometimes by design and sometimes by mistake!


Jo-anne *Blossy* said...

The pencil cases turned out great!

Becky said...

They are great. Which pattern did you use?

princess pudge said...

love!!! and yes, as Becky asked, which pattern or tute please? :)

Milly said...

you can google 'box pencil case turorial' for heaps of variations. I was inspired by this quilted version

Anonymous said...

You are a very talented young lady, well done!!