Friday, January 27, 2012

Another man shirt

This one actually started out as the 'calico' for the striped one and I only got so far as zipping up the shoulder and side seams then set in the sleeves, before I could see that the fit was fine and moved onto the real fabric. David said he's probably wear pale blue so I thought I'd finish it off. I used the overlocker to attach the grey marle binding and then coverstitched the bindings and hem.

I have been reading the kniterview series on the Made by Rae blog. Its basically a Q&A type thing with other bloggers who ejoy sewing with knits. The blogger, during their interview, suggests tips for sewing with knits, where they buy fabric etc. The thing that has my head scratching is that most those interviewed admit to using only a sewing machine when sewing with knits. Can I just say that I had absolutely NO JOY sewing knits with a regular sewing machine?! The garments looked ok to start with, but pretty quickly stitches would bust, causing seams to pop and hems fall down etc. Buying an overlocker improved things significantly, but I still had lots of issues with hems busting (as they were done on the sewing machine). The Coverpro, which allows me to hem knit fabrics with ease, has finally put me in a place where I am completely confident I can turn out a durable knit garments that will last wear after wear and wash after wash.

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willow and moo said...

Oh I better stay away from that series. I know you can sew knits on a sewing machine, but an overlocker is far superior. Coverstitch is pretty awesome too isn't it.

Will still pops hems with the coverstitch because he's so rough with his shirts.

I'm really over people who are "popular" bloggers talking like they have the experience or knowledge. We are scientists, so don't have the tendencies to oversell our abilities as a matter of fact I think we undersell them a lot of the time.