Sunday, April 10, 2011

Can you guess?

Can you guess what I am up to? I spotted a quilt pattern while browsing the internet the other night and just HAD to immediately buy it.
Does this help you guess? Its my trial run, which I started the next morning using what ever solids I could get my hands on. Its a bit hard to see the overall pattern in a small scale trial run like this.
Ok so here is the pattern! Isnt it fab? I am just picturing it on the couch; grown up, but playful at the same time. I bought the pattern from here. The instructions are well written and the actual block layout is quite straight forward (its just plain blocks alternating with the diagonal stripe blocks). Even a beginner could follow it! But the actual sewing of the diagonal blocks I found quite tricky- they are essentially half-triangle squares, so sewn on the bias... and the blocks themselves are small at 3.75". Maybe I am a dunce but I just found that difficult to piece nicely and they all ended up too small. To make the cot quilt pictured you need over 200 of the diagonal stripe blocks- so its definately a project that would be a labour of love. Once the diagonal blocks, are done however, the quilt comes together very quickly.  
I am racking my brain thinking of an easier way to piece the diagonal blocks as it makes me hesitate about starting on a bigger version of the quilt. Maybe paper piecing? or sewing lots of strips together and then cutting squares from it 'on point'. Would result in some wastage but would be more accurate I think.

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Vettie73 said...

Gee I wonder which one of my cousins I might ask to teach me how to quilt when I finish the dam Cross Stitch panels that I have been doing for years now!

You are very cleaver Milly I wish that I had a need for your new pram liners!