Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snapshot Sunday- wee tiny bit obsessed

Oops I have managed to make 50 hexagons since my last post and have started joining them together.
I am finding it very therapuetic, and its such a easy trasportable project. Hexagons at the park anyone?
I'm confident that I am not going to like the look of a whole quilt make just with hexagons, especially using such bright fabrics. So I have pretty much decided that I am going to sew 22 hexagons together like the above photo and then slice them down into a 12.5" block. Then when I have 15 of those I will sash them all with (probably) with a 4 or 5" strips solid grey- kona ash I think. That will give me a generous lap quilt that is ~50"x85" and I think the sashing in a solid colour will really set off the hexagons. By the way I didnt think up that idea, it was suggested in the Sometimes Crafter tutorial I sourced my printable hexagons from. She even has a pic of a 12" hexagon block sashed in white and it looks fab.
By my calculations I have 330 hexagons to make- 50 done... so 280 to go. Here are a few of my favourites so far:
Saggy baggy elephant

Flower (forget the fabric line... so far this quilt is 100% scrap bin fabric)
Monkeys-- anna marie horner I think.

Little babushka girls. This fabric is YEARS old, no idea where I got it from originally.


Emma said...

Hand-sewing can be very addictive! That flower is Anna Maria Horner (Garden Party, I think) - but I don't recall any of her prints with monkeys.

Milly said...

Anna Griffen then?

ingrid said...

EEK, so tiny and cute! I love that saggy baggy elephant one.
I am yet to try hexagons. They seem so much fun though so I will have to give them a go soon.