Tuesday, November 2, 2010


You will be pleased to know that I finished off the boys shorts today. I thought I would take a moment to make something from the Ottobre magazine (winter 6/2010) that arrived during the week. I picked the Pikkumies boxer briefs (design 16) because it was just a quick project to do in between all the other mountains of sewing I have- like a dozen prams liners I have as custom orders!

They are cute enough, but I am not really feeling the love (first time ever for an ottobre I think!). Maybe I am a bit miffed because the size 110cm I made is way too big for George. He is 105cm tall, so strictly speaking the 104cm should fit perfectly, but the next size up (the 110cm I made) should be roomy but still fit. Anyways I ended up giving these to Matilda and they fit perfectly. She is 120cm tall so go figure.
Hmmmm I just had a thought... maybe these are meant to fit like a pair of loose boxers (you know the sort usually made from woven fabrics or satin). I was thinking that being from stretch fabric they were meant to fit snuggly??

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Sambient said...

I've just made a couple of the 104cm girl pants and they also are too loose for my liking on my 105cm daughter. Though she says that she likes them that way. I find Ottobre seem to be a bit on the large size but that may be because I have skinny minnies. I like the old undies from the 4/2004 better.